1. Get your Santa’s Wish pouch
  2. Think about who and how you’ll fulfill Santa’s five requests to:
    • Show compassion
    • Encourage joy
    • Provide understanding
    • Share kindness
    • And to spread love
  3. Once you complete each gesture you’ll receive your ornament as a token to remember your kind deed
  4. Don’t forget to log your kindness to tuck away inside your pouch at the end of the season. You’ll enjoy looking back at the special moments you created
  5. Oh and post the pics of your gestures on our facebook and Instagram pages to share your experiences – you never know who you’ll inspire!
  6. Once you’ve completed all five gestures let us know! Share your e mail and we’ll send you a certificate of completion for the 2015 Santa’s Wish campaign, certifying you made these holidays ones to remember!